Out of all of my Tera characters, Feinne is my most powerful in both gameplay and in story. Feinne is an immensely powerful Amani Berserker. Originally intending to practice in dual swordsmanship like a Warrior, upon picking up a set of double swords she found that they were light. Much too light. Her powerful arms were able to swing swords so hard and quickly that they became damaged in use, either bending or completely snapping in two. In training, she was infamous as the “sword-breaker”, however her strength didn’t go unnoticed, not by a long shot. An offer was given to her, trade in her fragile swords for a sturdier weapon. The moment an axe was placed into her hands, Feinne felt complete, the handling of an axe came as easily to her as blinking or breathing. She quickly surpassed the training level and became top of her class in a fraction of the time, moving to higher and higher ranks by the day, single-handedly dispatching entire squads of monsters and demons. Seeing her potential, she was soon placed at the head of the Argon front, to where she was finally able to fight creatures equal to her unnatural power.

((I made her story match her actual character, as she was my Levelup character, I wanted her to fit in somehow, since she started at level 58 instead of 1, she was basically a prodigy and quickly passed the “levels” before the rest of my characters were able to.))

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Posted: 11 months ago
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